LtCol. Gregory Switzer, USMCR (Ret.)
I served in the U.S. Marines for thirty-one years.
Enlisted in 1981, and Commissioned in 1991.

While serving in the United States Marines I had many great opportunities to serve and train with Military members from other branches, and with members of other agencies.

I want to thank all who have supported this campaign for Texas State House with your vote, contributions, and prayers.  I will continue to serve Texas as I have done for the last eight years.  Advocating for Texans, and Texas.

#TexasFirst  #TexasAlways 

Texas State Constitution: Article 1 Section 2
We Are Guaranteed A Republic Form Of Government.
All Political Power Is Inherent In The People.

As A Texas Residence, To Be Texan; You Pledge Your Allegiance To Texas.
Your Allegiance To Texas Means That You Protect and Serve The Greater Good of Texas and Texans, For Freedom, Liberty, and Prosperty.

"What I value the most is our God given Rights, Freedoms, and Liberties; derived from God, and illustrated in the Constitution of the United States, and the Texas Constitution."

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