A Nation without secure borders is what we currently face in Texas, and the United States. Overrun by criminal organizations, and foreign nationals aided and abetted by tyrannical government.  Your tax dollars are funding the demise of Texas, and United States civilization.  It is no longer enough to put the Texas National Guard and the Texas State Guard on the border; it is up to all Texans to defend our Sovereign State. Texans must close the twenty-five bridges, stop all commercial traffic, put an end to fleecing Taxpayers. Put economic pressure on Mexico and stop the invasion. We have the strength to protect our border, and moreover we have the Right to protect our borders. For years, the elected and unelected bureaucrats have failed deliberately, and willfully. The time is now to get rid of the failure Representatives that keep our border open, and are bent on destroying our Republic form of Representative government, and our nation.

I will never allow the government to take away the inalienable Right to own a firearm and the Right to defend yourself, your family and property. The 2nd Amendment is a restriction on the government, and specifically against tyrannical establishment of government.

It is our responsibility as parents and adults to fight and protect those who can not defend themselves. The innocent child has all the Rights and protection guaranteed in the Constitution.

We can not trust our government; If we can not trust our elections to be free from interference.  In the 87th legislative session, Representatives voted to reduce voter fraud penalties from a felony to a misdemeanor. The 88th legislative session returned voter fraud to a felony. Adding language to include “Election Fraud" to this statute, and defining the Texas Attorney General’s authority to investigate, and prosecute election fraud is the first step to deterring election and voter fraud.

Parents have a God given, and natural Right to make decisions for the well being of their children. The responsibility is solely on the Parents. The interference of government bureaucracy, and court overreach is directly related to the demise of Christian values, and family unity. Case after case of children exposed to inappropriate material or situations in schools, libraries, and social media is a deliberate attack on the protection provided in the Constitution. The attacks on Parents have to stop! The assault on Parents in school board meetings, and depriving Parents their Right to know what agendas are in their schools. Texas Parents have the Right, and authority to provide their children with a safe and healthy learning environment. I as a Legislator would be interested in writing legislation with stiff penalties, including jail for those who violate the Rights of Children and Parents.

Sixty-three Taxes Exist Only To Separate You From Your Money.  Property Tax is another direct attack on Texans authority. Government established for the purpose of managing the Stately affairs does not include profiteering off of Texans. The over taxation of Texans is another direct attack on Texans’ Rights to Liberty and Prosperity. There is no government authority over our property.

In the past six years; Texans have witnessed an extraordinary abuse of power. Our government put three million citizens out of work in a single week. Three million jobs that took twenty years to create. Close over three hundred thousand businesses in one week.  Businesses that did not survive, or did not reopen. Texans were told that their jobs were non essential. They told business owners that they did not have the Right to choose how and when they operate their businesses. They forced Texans to wear useless masks against their will, and all during the holiest week of the year; Easter.
Texas State Representatives did nothing about the abuses of government and they did not stand up for Texans. I will protect our Republic form of government, and return the Political Power to Texas citizens as it is guaranteed in the Texas Constitution: Article 1 Section 2.
I will uphold my Oath of Office, and stand against tyranny.

Greg Switzer,
U.S. Marine Retired